Halloween Has No Appeal for Many Religious Groups

October 29, 2004

Source: Indianapolis Star


On October 29, 2004 Indianapolis Star reported, "religious groups provide alternatives to what some view as Halloween's dark side. At College Park Baptist Church in Hamilton County, tonight's fall festival alternative to Halloween will include religious messages in candy bags and a talk about Jesus to go with a petting zoo and games. At the Sacred Earth Circle of Indianapolis, local Wiccans will gather Saturday night to celebrate the Celtic New Year with magic and efforts to divine the future. At Christ Community Church in Carmel, organizers of a Sunday night celebration mailed 10,000 post cards to draw people to an event that includes a Christian juggler who shares the Gospel. And on Monday, Catholics attend All Saints Day Masses that remember saints who stand ready to assist the living. Long shunned by religious groups for its darker connotations, Halloween has evolved into something of a spiritual battlefield, with Christian groups trying to reclaim some ground."