Halloween 2003: Controversies

October 31, 2003

Source: Lodi News-Sentinel


On October 31, 2003, the Lodi News-Sentinel reported that "the evolution of Halloween over hundreds of years has local religious leaders disagreeing whether Halloween violates the teachings of both Jesus Christ and the Bible. Pastor Loren Stacy of Lodi's Church of God (Seventh-day) says that Halloween violates Scripture. So does William Van Amber Fields, a community activist from Morada and a frequent contributor to the News-Sentinel's letters column in the Religion section. 'Christianity and Halloween are totally incompatible,' Fields said in a letter published in the News-Sentinel's Religion section Saturday. 'Halloween is an affront to the Gospel of Christ.' Fields maintains that observing Halloween, even if by an innocent child going door to door in a cute costume, glorifies Satan and pagans."