HAF Worried About Huckabee's Call to Amend the Constitution

January 28, 2008

Source: Hindu American Foundation


WASHINGTON, DC (January 28, 2008) - The Hindu American Foundation, which has consistently fought to uphold the separation of church and state, expressed deep concern and worry about Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's call to amend the U.S. Constitution according to "God's standards". "The American Constitution, amended 27 times in the past 220 years, is a document of profound significance and immense worth that guarantees every American citizen inalienable rights that secure freedom of religion and worship among other fundamental rights. To call for an amendment of the Constitution so that it will hew to an individual's or group's version of 'God's standards,' is a recipe for fundamentalism and extremism to creep into the founding document of the United States," said Ramesh Rao, Senior Fellow at HAF. "It is the wrong call to make in an election season, as it is an appeal in 'code words' to people of a particular faith and of a particular religious inclination. Our founding fathers understood the importance of freedom of religion, and it is important to bear in mind their vision of a multicultural and multifaith society, and how various cultures and religions have contributed to weaving the tapestry of this great nation."