HAF Offers Presentation to ISKCON Youth Group in Bangalore

January 21, 2006

Source: Hindu American Foundation press release


On January 21, 2006 a Hindu American Foundation press release reported, "The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) took the Hindu Awareness Campaign to India, addressing a group of 70 youth at a weekend retreat in Bangalore. Swaminathan Venkataraman, a member of HAF’s Executive Council, addressed the youth group at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), in Bangalore on December 24, 2005. Venkataraman said that the presentation covered not only the issues facing Hindus in North America, but also issues that Hindus face in India and which suffer from lack of advocacy by professional voices. 'While the presentation introduced the Hindu American Foundation and its work in the Unites States, it also focused on India-specific issues such as lack of media coverage on human rights violations against Hindus in South Asia,' said Venkataraman. 'We had a spirited discussion over the denial of religious liberties by the Government of India’s control over Hindu temples and interference in Hindu educational institutions. Such interference is contrary to the secular ideals of the Indian Constitution and the government does not similarly interfere in Christian, Muslim, Sikh or other religious groups’ places of worship or educational efforts.'"