Guru Nanak's Birthday Celebration, 2003

November 20, 2003

Source: Dayton Daily News

On November 20, 2003 the Dayton Daily News reported that "members of the local Sikh community are preparing for one of the most important religious holidays of the year. Major celebrations for members of the Sikh faith are called gurpurabs. And of the three principal gurpurabs observed by Sikhs each year, by far the most important is the November observance honoring the birthday of Guru Nanak. Nanak, founder of the Sikh faith, was born in the western Punjab village of Talwandi in 1469. Gurpurabs, such as the Sikh New Year, which falls in April, are customarily accompanied by melas, or festivals. However this year, members of the Sikh Society of Dayton will host a 48-hour worship service at temple headquarters, 1038 Forest Drive in Beavercreek. Sikh Society member Darshan Singh Sehbi said non-Sikh guests may attend the two-day event."