Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Confers “Sewa Award” on Smithsonian

April 10, 2006

Source: SikhNet News/Rediff

On April 10, 2006 Rediff reported, "To mark the festival of Baisakhi, the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation has conferred the 'Sewa Award 2006' on the Smithsonian Institution and the Sikh Heritage Foundation for creating a permanent exhibit on 'Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab' at the Museum of Natural History in Washington. The awards were given in recognition of the 'tireless work' in projecting a positive image of the Sikhs and having contributed for the betterment of the community, sources said... The Smithsonian Institution is funded by the government of the United States and is one of the largest museums in the world. It created the Sikh Exhibit in collaboration with the Sikh Heritage Foundation, which was inaugurated in 2004... Amrit Kaur, Secretary, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, said, 'Kirat, Simran, and Sewa are cornerstones of the Sikh Faith and conferring the Sewa Award, GGSF tends to highlight the endeavors of those great individuals or institutions who have made Sewa their top priority.'"