Growing Detroit Community Shows its Diversity

April 13, 2007


Source: Detroit Free Press

As the Indian-American population surges in metro Detroit, so does the number of Indian New Year celebrations.

A generation ago, the Detroit area had only a handful of such events. Now, dozens of Indian and Hindu groups hold special gatherings every April in community centers, temples, restaurants and homes to mark the start of the New Year according to ancient Indian calendars.

In Farmington Hills, the Indian American Cultural Association will hold a public celebration Saturday for Vaisakhi, the New Year for Punjabi-speaking Indians. In Sterling Heights on the same day, the Sri Balaji Vedic Center will note the New Year for Tamil speakers. And on Sunday, Bengalis will note their New Year at a Hindu temple in Detroit.

"People are more aware of Indian culture now," said Rashmi Upadhyaya, a software consultant from Farmington Hills who was born in India and works with the Indian American Cultural Association.