Growing Concern Over Persecution of Christians

June 25, 2005

Source: The Times of India

On June 25, 2005 The Times of India reported, "District administrations in two corners of the country, Jodhpur and Hyderabad, have woken up to staggered reports regarding persecution of Christians by some right-wing groups. On Saturday, a group of Hindu activists attacked a Christian gathering at Parameshwari Palace, Sardarpura, in Jodhpur, and alleged that it was a "conversion" meet. The police are investigating the matter. The incident took place at the St Andrew's hall, where a youth festival was on. More than 60 persons had assembled "to find a path to peace and spirituality" under the guidance of Father Paul Matthew...There was more disturbing news from Hyderabad. A hunt is on for two members of a gang, allegedly owing allegiance to a right-wing Hindu organisation, which kidnapped and killed two pastors in the city recently 'for carrying on evangelical work.' The Cyberabad police have reportedly arrested one of the alleged killers."