Graves of Herzl, Ben Gurion Desecrated by Vandals

March 30, 2005

Source: The Jerusalem Post

On March 30, 2005 The Jerusalem Post reported, "The graves of Israel's founding father David Ben-Gurion in the Negev and Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl in Jerusalem were desecrated by vandals with Nazi graffiti on Wednesday in the latest of such acts of vandalism since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced his plan to disengage from the Gaza Strip. Police said the word 'Hitler' was found spray painted on Ben-Gurion's grave in the community of Sede Boker in the Negev. 'Neo-Nazis hail Beilin' - referring to the chairman of the left wing Yahad political party - were spray painted on Herzl's grave. Noting that both acts of vandalism were committed on the same day, police said they were investigating whether they were carried out by the same perpetrators. 'The graffiti phenomenon,' one officer said, 'has gotten out of control and needs to come to an end.' In another related incident, police in Rosh Ha'iyn discovered graffiti scrawled across a wall of a school reading, 'Sharon: Rabin and Hitler are waiting for you in hell' alongside the words 'Death to Arabs.'"