Gov't Bans Broadcasts by Hizbullah on Grounds of Anti-Semitism

December 15, 2004

Source: The Guardian,11882,1373845,00.html

On December 15, 2004 The Guardian reported, "The French government has banned broadcasts by a satellite TV channel run by the militant Hizbullah organisation on the grounds of anti-semitism. On Monday the council of state, France's highest administrative body, ordered Eutelsat, the Paris-based satellite operator, to stop transmitting programmes from al-Manar within two days. The move followed complaints from Jewish organisations in France about the channel's content. A guest on a live discussion programme said there were Zionist attempts to spread Aids and other diseases to Arabs. On December 2, the station accused Israel of 'an unprecedented campaign' to stop it revealing to European viewers 'the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Israel.'"