Government Restores Cremation Ground to Hindus, Sikhs in Kabul

January 8, 2006

Source: DNA World

Wire Service: IANS

On January 8, 2006 the Indo-Asian News Service reported, "Sikh and Hindu communities here no more have to agonise over finding a place to cremate their dead — a funeral ground vandalised by the Taliban has been restored to them. The Afghan government has given back the possession of the cremation ground in downtown Kabul to the two communities after getting encroachments removed from there. Kabul Singh Sabha president Sardar Ravinder Singh said that cremations there had been resumed, though police protection was always sought as a precaution. He thanked President Hamid Karzai’s government for granting them full freedom to practise their religion without any hindrance and restoring the dignity of the community. Hindus and Sikhs were not allowed by the Taliban rulers to cremate their dead in Kabul and the place was vandalised and encroached upon by fanatics."