Government Halts Process of Appointing Muslim Prison Chaplain

May 11, 2005


On May 11, 2005 reported, "The French Justice Ministry froze plans to appoint a chief Muslim chaplain for prisons over protests from the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) on sidelining the Muslim body in the selection process. 'France’s plans to appoint a chief Muslim prison chaplain were frozen in an effort to contain the crisis triggered in the CFCM following the resignation of two members of the CFCM's Executive Council,' sources told Tuesday, May 10. Fathia Al-Jabali and Foad Alwai, two members of the CFCM’s Executive Council, have resigned in a demonstration of dissatisfaction with the sidelining of the CFCM, the Muslim umbrella body in France, in the appointment of the Muslim prison chaplain."