Government Accused of Failing British Hindus

February 5, 2008

Author: Ruth Gledhill

Source: The Times

Britain's Hindu community, known for its peaceable love of sacred cows, for its annual Diwali festival of light and its opposition to conflict, has risen up in unprecedented anger against the Government led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Leaders of more than 50 organisations representing the country's 800,000 Hindus met on Sunday to draw up a unanimous resolution that "The Labour Government has failed the British Hindu community."

Hindus described as "outraged" by their representatives drew up the resolution in protest at the slaughter of Gangotri, the temple cow put down last year by the RSPCA because she was sick. Hindus administer pain relief to sick animals but prefer to let them die naturally.

Their statement was issued at the ground-breaking ceremony to mark the launch of Europe’s largest cow protection farm, built in memory of Gangotri, a Belgian Blue-Jersey cross, at the Hindu temple at Bhaktivedanta Manor near Watford, Hertfordshire.