Glastonbury Abbey Inter-Religious Series to Feature "Acting on Faith" Film

October 14, 2005

Source: The Mariner

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On October 14, 2005 The Mariner reported, "[Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, Massachusetts is hosting its] seventh annual series of 'Listening to Other Voices.' [This year, the themes is] 'Religion and the World We Live In.' The title was motivated by the abundance of news items that were defined or interpreted by a religious perspective. [These have included the] Tsunami... stem cell research... war... political elections... creationism and end of life issues. Although religion can be polarizing among people, this year's speakers have found it to be inspirational in shaping their life's work and its potential to draw people together. The series will include presentations by speakers representing the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim traditions... [Among the features of this event will be the screening of] a documentary produced by Rachel Antell, narrated by Dr. Diana Eck, featuring three women [entitled] 'Acting on Faith: Women and New Religious Activism in America.'"