George Joins Muslim-Christian Gathering in Orland

October 10, 2006

Author: Isaac Wolf

Source: Daily Southtown,1ND8-10.article

Cardinal Francis George feasted on Middle Eastern delicacies Monday night, conspicuously participating in an annual Muslim celebration when he has canceled many recent public appearances.

After cancer surgery in July, George scrapped much of his schedule, but he attended the 10th annual community iftar designed to bring together Muslims and Catholics for an evening feast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims fast each day of Ramadan, the time during which God revealed the Koran to Muhammad, and hold an iftar after sundown each evening. This year's ecumenical event was held at the new mosque in Orland Park.

"I get tired very easily and have had to break many of my commitments," George said. "I wanted to come because of the sensitivity around the papal speech."