In Gallup Poll, Most Teens Say They Do Not Know Muslims

October 8, 2003

Source: Religion News Service

On October 8, 2003 Religion News Service reported that a recent Gallup poll found that "almost three-fourths of U.S. teens say they do not know any Muslims. Seventy-two percent of teenagers ages 13-17 said they did not know any Muslims, while 28 percent said they did, according to the latest Gallup Youth Survey, an Internet study based on questionnaire responses from about 500 youths. The vast majority of teens surveyed said they agree with the statement "most Muslims around the world want peace," but agreement with other statements about Muslims dropped dramatically. For example, 65 percent agreed that most Muslims want peace, while 30 percent disagreed. Asked how they felt about the statement "most Muslims around the world are accepting of other religions," 61 percent disagreed and 34 percent agreed."