French Bank Apologises for Refusing Entry to Turbaned Sikh

November 12, 2009

Author: A. Kaur

Source: Global Sikh News

A major French bank in Paris, which last month refused entry to a young Sikh customer because he wore a turban, has apologised for its “manifestly excessive and improper security instructions.” Ranjit Singh, 22, a business entrepreneur and a Sikh customer of the BNP Paribas Bank, arrived on 8th October 2009 at the BNP branch at 168, rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris to carry out a routine inquiry of his bank account. However, he was stopped at the security door by an employee of the bank who gestured to him to remove his turban to enter the bank. Ranjit Singh explained to the employee that the turban is worn as an act of faith and that he wears it all the time. Despite his explanations, the employee called another colleague who repeated the same demand. Still blocked at the security door, Ranjit Singh repeated that he is a client and that he simply wishes to verify his account. After about twenty minutes, without success, Ranjit Singh left feeling humiliated and threatened by the bank’s discriminatory attitude.