Fremont Sikh Leaders Resign

September 2, 2004

Source: Tri-Valley Herald,1413,86~10669~2375288,00.html

On September 2, 2004 Tri-Valley Herald reported, "At least a dozen police officers patrolled the grounds of the Fremont Sikh temple at a religious service Wednesday night after the five leaders of the embattled temple abruptly resigned their posts this week. After two years of court challenges and legal battles over a disputed election in 2002, an Alameda County judge again ordered elections to determine leadership of the Bay Area's largest and most influential temple... The resignations were announced Tuesday, the day before 5,000 followers were expected to attend a 400th anniversary celebration of Sikh scripture. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Julia Spain sent notice of the resignations and the court findings to the Fremont Police Department, which assigned officers, some in riot gear, to monitor the celebration Wednesday night."