Ford Workers Offer Prayers for Automaker At National Day Of Prayer Service

May 7, 2009

Author: Oralandar Brand-Williams

Source: The Detroit News

Employees of Ford Motor Co. lifted the automaker and its workers up in prayer Thursday as part of an ecumenical service to mark the National Day of Prayer.

About 125 people attended the hour long service at Ford World Head Quarters. Prayers were offered in various denominations ranging from Hindu to Essene.

Dan Dunnigan, chairman of Ford Motor Co.'s Interfaith Network, said the yearly service demonstrates the automaker's commitment to religious diversity.

"It speaks a lot of Ford's true commitment to diversity," said Dunnigan. "Ford looks at its people as a whole. You don't have to check your religion at the door."

During the service, Ford workers representing different faiths presented prayers, sang prayers and chants, and delivered scriptures.