Flushing, N.Y. Hindu Temple to Hold First Democratic Elections for Leadership

January 8, 2004

Source: Times Ledger


On January 8, 2004 the Times Ledger reported, "The Hindu Temple Society of North America in Flushing is in the process of setting up its first democratic election for the board of trustees and president this year as a result of a court battle that lasted two years and still may not be over. At the temple at 45-57 Bowne St., a group of six devotees took their fight to court and ultimately won, setting the stage for the first-ever election for the 11 trustees and president of the 33-year-old house of worship. The six petitioners - older men, including an ordained Hindu priest in his 80s and a retired accountant in his 70s - filed suit in 2001 because they want democratic elections for the temple officials who are accountable for the $22 million annual budget."