Florida Moves to Preserve the Miami Circle

May 25, 1999

Source: The Miami Herald

On May 25, 1999, The Miami Herald reported that Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Cabinet decided to make the Miami Circle, a 38-foot-diameter stone formation in downtown Miami that dates back to the Tequesta Indians, a priority for the state land purchasing program. The Circle became a controversial discovery when developers unearthed the site on land that had been purchased to build a large office complex. The fate of the Circle, which is on the south bank of the Miami River, is still in limbo. The county has sued the developer and the city to buy the land and preserve the site. Miami Mayor Joe Carollo is trying to move the formation because he doesn't want to lose the tax revenue from the proposed development. Archaeological researchers at the site concluded that, "it seems likely to us, based on an examination of the overall site area, that the circular feature is only part of a larger site complex."