First Ramnavami Celebrations Held at House of Commons

April 21, 2005

Source: Hindu Council UK

On April 21, 2005 a Hindu Council UK press release reported, "British Parliament celebrated Ramnomi at the House Of Commons, with the Hindu Council UK (HCUK) and its member faith organisations. This historic event, was hosted graciously by the Minister of State, Tony McNulty (MP) and marked the significant working partnership relationship of the British government with the Hindu faith organisations within the UK, and was attended by 270 guests. Anuja Prashar (HCUK Executive) welcomed all the distinguished guests and community leaders, which included the Indian High Commissioner and the visiting Indian Minister of West Bengal. Anuja said it was apt, that this first celebration, of the birth of Shri Ram ji, at the House of Commons coincides in 2005 with the awakening of the British Hindu community to its own need to engage pro-actively with the machinery of Government and Policy making."