First Prayers Held at New Dearborn Mosque

May 13, 2005

Source: Reuters

On May 13, 2005 Reuters reported, "hundreds of worshipers gathered on Friday for the first prayer session at a gilded new mosque that is yet another facility to serve the large Muslim population around Detroit. A gold-domed mosque flanked by two minarets and a banquet hall were part of a $14 million expansion project to a Muslim school that, taken together, is now the Islamic Center of America, a 70,000 square-foot facility. When a 700-seat auditorium and a two-story library and school are also completed, it will likely become the largest Islamic center in North America, Muslim officials said... The main prayer hall accommodates 1,000 people, including 700 men in one area and 300 women in a balcony. Builders imported doors from Turkey, wood from the Philippines, granite from India and Brazil, and chandeliers from Egypt, said Alan Abbas, who built the center."