First Muslim Military Chaplain Begins Work at Edmonton Garrison

January 6, 2004

Source: CBC News

On January 6, 2004 CBC News reported, "The Canadian Forces' first Muslim chaplain began work this week at the Edmonton Garrison, bringing a little more religious diversity to the military. Capt. Suleyman Demiray, 37, is a Turkish-born Muslim cleric, or imam, who came to Canada 10 years ago and pursued a Masters degree from Carleton University in Ottawa. While he's happy to finally be on the job, he is also feeling the weight of his new role, calling it a 'big responsibility to represent a faith and you know ... be (a) good model'...Officials estimate there are about 200 Muslim soldiers in the Canadian forces. Cpl. Efros Hanif is one of them. While he has appreciated the work of Protestant and Roman Catholic chaplains during his 17 years in the service, he's thrilled to finally have an imam to touch base with."