First Hindu Temple Opens in Indiana

February 6, 2006

Source: The Indianapolis Star

On February 6, 2006 The Indianapolis Star reported, "With the symbols of their God in place, Hindus who joyously celebrated the statues' arrival Sunday can today begin regular worship in the new Hindu Temple of Central Indiana. 'This is the only temple in the whole state of Indiana,' said board chairman Girdhar Ahuja, one of hundreds who helped sanctify the new building and honor the deities in weekend initiation ceremonies. The Far-Eastside temple -- in reality a wing of a much grander facility being built in phases -- opens today at 3350 N. German Church Road. On Sunday, following a day during which the temple and its congregants were sprinkled with purifying holy water as part of the prayer and preparation for its opening, Hindus applauded as the deities were introduced... One of the deities, the Radha Krishna, had been at the India Community Center on the Northwestside for 20 years. Until today, the center was the place where the area's diverse Hindu community could gather for worship."