First Dharma Summit Held in North America

August 15, 2005

Source: Dharma Summit 2005 Press Release

On August 15, 2005 a Dharma Summit 2005 Press Release stated, "For the first time in North America, 400 participants representing more than 80 Hindu temples and religious organizations came together for a Dharma Summit on August 13-15, 2005... The theme of the summit was: 'The Future of Dharmic Traditions in North America.' The concern that many young generation Hindus in [the] USA are not learning and maintaining Hindu traditions was clearly evident throughout the conference that brought together presidents and boards of trustees of many temples, Devalayas, spiritual institutions, and organizations together with many intellectuals and committed volunteer leaders from throughout the USA. The rich mix of swamis, intellectuals, temple trustees and youth leaders provided a unique opportunity to exchange different viewpoints, thoughts and ideas and share experiences on how to impart spiritual and cultural education to future generations. They also discussed the serious problem of distortion and misinformation about Hinduism and India prevalent in schools, colleges, and in the media."