Film: "Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America"

November 3, 2002

Source: Appeal-Democrat

On November 3, 2002 the Appeal-Democrat reported that "at the Sikh Temple on Tierra Buena Road [in Yuba, CA], about 150 people, most of them Sikhs, gathered to hear speakers talk about Sikhism. They also viewed the documentary, Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America, which describes the religion's history and the Sikh experience nationwide after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. There have been 295 attacks on Sikhs since the attacks, said Harbans Sraon, an event organizer. Shortly after the attacks, a Sikh was fatally shot in his Arizona gas station, presumably because the turban he wore was mistakenly linked to one worn by terrorist Osama bin Laden. In the weeks and months that followed, locals held seminars and invited the public to their temple in the hopes of creating better understanding. Sikhs said they hope Saturday's seminar and regular interaction with Sikhs in daily life will improve understanding among non-Sikhs. They hope the documentary Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America will soon air nationwide."