Film Documents Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians in Metro Manila, Aims to Stimulate More Conversations

August 22, 2006

Source: Islam Online

On August 22, 2006 Islam Online reported, "Two Christian artists who have witnessed how Muslims survive marginalization in this largely Catholic state have lent their voices to Filipino Muslims through a new documentary. 'Muslims have struggled to live their lives in dignity despite experiences of prejudice and discrimination against them by their non-Muslim neighbors, colleagues, would-be employers, teachers and classmates,' Marites Guingona-Africa, founder and executive director of the Peacemakers' Circle which put together the documentary, told The 'In the Light of the Crescent Moon' tells about the plight of Muslims in Metro Manila and gives voice to the Muslims in the metropolis whose voices are not often heard. 'To this day,' Guingona-Africa said, 'there is not much interest in the plight of Muslims in Metro Manila. Thus, support for the work of building relationships between Muslims and Christians in the metropolis has been difficult to come by.' She asserted that many Muslim friends have succeeded, despite the difficulties and the challenges. 'Theirs are the stories that need to be told. Theirs are the voices that need to be heard. As peacemakers who have borne witness to their struggles, we feel that if we are to be true to our calling as "peacemakers," we owe it to them and to our selves, to help our fellow human beings tell their stories.'"