Fijian Police Force Reflects Religious Diversity of Nation

August 28, 2006

Source: Fiji Times

On August 28, 2006 the Fiji Times reported, "Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes believes the strength of the [Fijian police] force lays in its cultural and religious diversity. He made the comment when he launched the 16th Police Rama-yan Sammelan in Ba yesterday. Mr Hughes said when he joined the force three years ago, he... immediately realised that the force had officers from a diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds. He said he viewed it as the force's strength because it reflected the diversity that existed within the nation... The Police Ramayan Sammelan is a religious occasion where all Hindu officers from throughout the country gather and recite the scriptures of the Ramayan (a Hindu holy text). The annual occasion is also a way for Hindu officers to come together and meet, boosting morale within the force."