Federation of Student Islamic Societies Demands Prayer Rooms on All College Campuses

June 18, 2004

Source: The Guardian


On June 18, 2004 The Guardian reported, "Muslim students are to launch a campaign to get all universities to provide proper prayer facilities. The campaign will be consolidated at the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (Fosis) conference in Nottingham this weekend following calls from Muslim students at universities and colleges around the country to get proper facilities installed. Muslims are required to pray five times a day. During the winter most would expect to pray twice during a working day and once during the summer. Fosis is calling for universities to provide proper facilities, including washrooms and a room divider to separate the men from the women. Aisha Janjua, general secretary of Fosis, an umbrella organisation representing around 70,000 Muslim students in Islamic societies at campuses around the country, said: ...'A lot of universities don't see this as a necessity. It is a necessity, praying five times a day is a necessity for Muslim students. It's differentiating between the obligation and choice of it. A prayer room on every campus is very essential.'"