FBI Investigating Death Threats to Prominent Muslim Leader

March 14, 1999

Source: The Arizona Republic


On March 14, 1999, The Arizona Republic reported that the FBI is investigating alleged death threats received by Sheikh Hisham Kabbani of Los Altos, CA, the chairman of the Washington-based Islamic Supreme Council of America. Since January, Kabbani and his followers have taken security precautions after Kabbani was condemned by several Muslim organizations for statements he made at a State Department forum. In that forum, Kabbani stated that the "ideology of extremism has been spread to 80 percent of the American Muslim population." Aly Ramadan Abuzaakuk, executive director of the American Muslim Council, stated that "all of the major Muslim groups" have jointly issued a letter against Kabbani's statements demanding that he retract them. The letter states: "Mr. Kabbani has put the entire Muslim community under unjustified suspicion. In effect, Mr Kabbani is telling government officials that the majority of the American Muslims pose a danger to our society."