FBI Agents Reassure Dallas Muslim American Children

March 24, 2003

Source: Star-Telegram


On March 24, 2003 the Star-Telegram reported that "more than three dozen children heard from [Stan] Strauss, who investigates hate crimes for the Dallas office of the FBI. As the war in Iraq continues, some Muslims are concerned that they could become victims of harassment and hate crimes similar to ones that occurred during the first gulf war... Agents who spoke at the mosque also explained the FBI's efforts to interview local Iraqi immigrants, saying that people were free to refuse to talk to agents... Civil rights groups have said they are skeptical the interviews will be voluntary, and they have advised Iraqis to immediately seek a lawyer if agents appear at their door... For about an hour Sunday, Strauss and Dallas police officer Truly Holmes told the children to inform parents and teachers if they are victims of harassments by other students. Strauss said the police should be called first if a crime is committed."