Farrakhan Plans Million Family March

July 15, 2000

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On July 15, 2000, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution published an article about Louis Farrakhan's Million Family March. Farrakhan called on families of all races and religions to congregate at the nation's capital on the fifth anniversary of the Million Man March. He "envisions a massive, peaceful parade where people seek common goals while walking under their separate symbols: 'Muslims under the crescent. Christians under the cross. Jews with the Star of David. ... gangs in the cities to come in their colors.'" At the news conference where his plans were announced, Farrakhan quoted from the Bible as well as the Koran. He warned of moral decay in a society plagued by "a steady erosion of family life and corrosion of family values." The controversial Islamic leader, who has "endorsed racial separatism and once called Judaism a 'gutter religion,' said he was changed by his recent bout with prostate cancer. He expressed gratitude that Christians and Jews joined Muslims in praying for his recovery."