Family Reunion Celebrates Jewish History of Texas

June 1, 2002

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On June 1, 2002 The Houston Chronicle featured an article on the Schwarz family reunion, one of the first Jewish families in Texas. "In its early years in Texas, the Schwarz family created a center of Jewish worship and learning in Hempstead, then a small-town stop on the railway line... This past weekend, descendents of ... the Schwarzes... gathered again in Hempstead and Houston to share family updates and honor their ancestors. They worshipped together at a Sabbath service, shared meals and visited the Jewish cemetery, which bears the remains of an important part of Jewish history in Texas and marks the start of families that spread to many corners of the United States... Except for the cemetery, there are few reminders of the Jewish community in Hempstead... The synagogue is gone. A McDonald's and car lot border the site where it once stood... But the family history is becoming part of the lives of the Schwarz descendents."