A Family of Jain Religion Observes Ramadan in India

October 11, 2006

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency


Believing that Ramadan is a month during which God tests its followers, a family of the Jain religion in Mumbai, capital city of Maharashtra, has been observing the month- long Ramadan, one of the pillars of the Muslim faith, in the past 30 years.

While the practice is sacred for Muslims, Jains too are known to observe an annual fast during the time of Pajusan.

Explaining what makes her family observe the holy fast of the Muslim community, Smita Mandeviya said: "I was a frequent visitor at the residence of Maulana Abbas Rizvi, who stayed near. He regarded me as his own daughter. He used to observe the fast, and I was inspired by him to fast," Asian Age quoted Mandeviya as saying from Mumbai.

Despite being a staunch Jain, Mandeviya speaks chaste Urdu. She believes "faith does not depend on the tenets of any religion." She said that even the stomach needed some rest and that fasting as a practice also has scientific backing.