Faiths Ready to Work Together

March 24, 2007

Author: Stuart Laidlaw

Source: Toronto Star

Adnan Noureddine's breakfast this week came with a little something extra: reason, he says, to hope Toronto's many faith communities can get along, despite whatever conflicts they face on the world stage.

"This should have been done long ago," said Noureddine, president of Al-Huda Lebanese Muslim Society in North York.

Noureddine was taking part in the launch of the Toronto Area Interfaith Council on Tuesday, the culmination of almost three years' work to set up a way for the city's diverse religious groups to meet and understand each other.

"We have an opportunity like no other city to build alliances between faiths," Mayor David Miller told the Star before the breakfast.

In all, 160 people, representing 35 faith groups, attended the launch. Such diversity makes it imperative the city find ways for faith groups to communicate with each other if the city is to live in peace, Miller said.