"The Faith Divide," a Commentary by Eboo Patel

October 16, 2007

Author: Eboo Patel

Source: The Washington Post


“God doesn’t command me to judge you, He commands me to help you. Doesn’t matter who you are. Hispanic, black, white, Muslim, Jew, American, African – doesn’t matter. If you’re hungry, if you’re in need, Shady Grove Baptist Church will help you.”

I met Jeffrey on a flight to Brussels. He was looking a little forlorn – the flight was long, the seat was small, and his MP3 player was out of juice. I had just opened my computer, and I offered to plug his device into my port and charge it up. And so a conversation started.

“Shady Grove Baptist Church is in Eastabuchie, Mississippi. We got a little over a thousand people coming to services on a Sunday, and we take in maybe $20,000 in contributions. We webcast our services. Who knows who’s out there who needs to hear our message?