Exodus - From Pulpit to Parliament

July 26, 2007

/Author: Staff Writer

Original Source: AllAfrica.com/East African Standard


Is religion set to stamp its authority on Kenya's politics? That is the question given the unprecedented high number of clergymen and women making a beeline for elective politics, particularly parliamentary.

With the 2007 General Election only five months away, the number of clergymen declaring their interest in politics continues to rise.

If successful in their quest - a high probability if past experience is anything to go by - the next Parliament would harbour the highest number of clergy, reviving the old debate of the role of religion in politics.

At least 23 members of the clergy have staked their bids for the august House and the figure is expected to rise to about 50 by the time the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) blows the whistle.

The force of religious groups seeking political clout is best exemplified by Pastor Pius Muiru of the Maximum Miracle Centre (MMC), who is going for both the country's presidency and the Kamukunji parliamentary seat in Nairobi.