Exhibit Reveals Riches of Native American Art

October 10, 2003

Source: The Boston Globe

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On October 10, 2003 The Boston Globe reported, "The tiny ivory bird looks to my eye like a toy, or a Christmas ornament. To its 18th-century Native American maker, though, it was probably an amulet, an object with great powers. 'Probably' is a word that crops up often in the labels of 'Uncommon Legacies,' a show of Native American art, which the Peabody Essex Museum has collected since it began in 1799. Despite the museum's two centuries of involvement with this material, there is still a great deal to learn about it, a reality both fascinating and frustrating. Much of this work went on the road during the PEM's recent renovation and expansion. Now it's back, and the occasion is more than a happy homecoming. It's a chance to consider the wealth and diversity of American Indian art."