On the Eve of Purim, Swastikas on a Denver Synagogue

March 7, 2004

Source: The Denver Post


On March 7, 2004 The Denver Post reported, "About 10 white swastikas and other Nazi symbols were spray-painted Friday night on walls around the BMH-BJ Congregation, a Jewish synagogue at 560 S. Monaco Parkway. Rabbi Daniel Cohen said he couldn't remember anything like that happening before at the east Denver synagogue. A Holocaust survivor who came to worship Saturday morning told him he hasn't seen anything so hateful in 60 years, Cohen said. " Cohen as well as others speculated that the graffiti may have been tied to Mel Gibson's film "The Passion," which many Jews feel is anti-semitic. "The rabbi said it was ironic that the people defaced the synagogue the night before Purim because it's a holiday that celebrates the defeat in history of venomous anti-Semitism."