Europeans Find Presence of Faith in U.S. Presidential Race Odd

January 9, 2004

Source: Reuters

On January 9, 2004 Reuters reported, "Europeans may have some problems grasping the ins and outs of American politics at the best of times, but the transatlantic gap never gets bigger than when candidates in the United States start talking about God. Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean has started awkwardly discussing religion on the stump, trying to shake off a label many European politicians would covet -- the most secular candidate in the race...European voters accustomed to campaigns focused on budget deficits, pension problems or immigration would be surprised to hear a political candidate talking about praying, as Wesley Clark has done, or being 'God-fearing' as John Kerry has said...'Europeans see it as a badge of honor that they have moved beyond religion, as a victory of science and rational thinking,' [James Ker-Lindsay at the Civilitas Research center on southeastern Europe] said. 'This is something Americans find dreadful about Europe, that it is a godless society.'"