European Unity Seen as Advantageous to Muslim Minorities

June 5, 2005

Source: Journal of Turkish Weekly/

On June 5, 2005 reported, "Austrian Muslims believe that European unity, as manifested by the hotly-debated European Constitution, would serve the best interests of Muslim minorities across the euro bloc. 'Muslim minorities in Europe are hopeful to see the European unity materialized at all levels as it serves interests of all minorities across the continent, especially the Muslims',' Omar Al-Rawi, the Islamic Religious Authority (IRA)’s official in charge of the integration file, told said that Muslims in Europe are cautiously following up voting in several European countries on the treaty...Many Muslims believe the religiously neutral EU charter would help religious minorities better integrate into society. 'Religion would not become a major element in dealing with Muslim minorities, who would be recognized as European citizens, regardless of their religious affiliation,' Loua said. He maintained that the treaty would also usher in major political and social upheavals in the continent. 'Socially, the constitution would allow a free movement and residence across Europe.'"