European Commission Against Racism Frustrated By Lack of Measurable Data on Anti-Semitism

March 4, 2004

Source: Radio Free Europe

On March 4, 2004 Radio Free Europe reported, "The European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance is this month observing the 10th anniversary of its founding. It will convene what it calls a major conference to assess its contributions to racial and religious tolerance in Europe. One of the commission's greatest concerns has been rising anti-Semitism in Europe, but the commission's chairman tells RFE/RL that historical barriers are blocking efforts to analyze the problem...ECRI chairman Michael Head tells RFE/RL in a telephone interview from London that significant increases in cases of anti-Semitism in Europe are evident to observers but that measurable data are difficult to acquire. Head says the anti-Semitic upsurge is especially worrisome and that its probable causes are complex."