Estimated 30,000 Rally at White House

August 13, 2006

Source: Muslim American Society Press Release

On August 13, 2006 a Muslim American Society Press Release reported, "Saturday's National Emergency March on Washington, in defense of Lebanon and Palestine, bringing over 30,000 Muslims from across the nation, was a huge success. The event, sponsored by the Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom), the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, and the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), was broadcast live on C-Span and throughout the Arab world by Al-Jazeera. Organizers of the event were pleased to see the massive turnout exceeding expectations as busses rolled into Washington, D.C. throughout the morning. MAS chapters provided transportation and buses for this historical event from Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Maryland, D.C., Columbus, Ohio, Iowa, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond and Tampa, producing the largest mobilization of the Muslim community since the Bosnian rally and the 2002 rally for Palestine. Throughout the early afternoon Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of conscience made their voices heard in opposition to the Israeli induced atrocities committed in Lebanon and Gaza funded by U.S. tax dollars... MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director, Mahdi Bray stated, 'I really believe that the local rallies sponsored by MAS Freedom chapters in over 26 cities really contributed to the massive participation of the Muslim community. Certainly this is a demonstration of the fact that when properly educated and motivated, Muslims are willing to come out under the banner of "Faith Over Fear and Justice for All."'"