Elementary Grade Textbook on Hinduism Released in UK

January 9, 2007

Source: Hindu Press International


LONDON, ENGLAND, January 9, 2007: Vivekananda Centre London has produced a new book, "Primary Hinduism," by Seeta Lakhani. It is their second textbook for use by schools teaching Hinduism. Their release says, "It has been specially designed for use by 6 to 13 year olds (key stages 1 to 3). It utilizes lots of narratives and colorful images to make Hinduism interesting and exciting for the very young. This textbook is part of series of textbooks Vivekananda Centre has published to ensure that Hinduism taught in the West is both comprehensive and comprehensible. Each book costs 12 pounds UK plus postage and packing. Books can be dispatched by air or surface mail. Payment can be made via our paypal account. For further information or to order, contact Vivekananda Centre London hindu@btinternet.com."

HPI] [Hindu Press International adds: We have had an opportunity to examine the book. "Primary Hinduism" is an excellent text, with colorful illustrations and simple language. It is a comprehensive and accurate explanation of many Hindu beliefs and practices.