Editorial: Staistics on International Terrorism

March 14, 2003

Source: IViews


On March 14, 2003 IViews reported that "according to a recent US State Department report, Patterns of Global Terrorism, issued for the year 2001 - There were a total of 348 terrorist attacks throughout the world. The majority of these attacks were carried out against US interests in Latin America. These numbers represent the terrorist trend and not an anomaly, whereby the majority of perpetrators are not linked to the Middle East or Islam... There is no moral justification for terrorism regardless of the ethnic or religious background of the perpetrator or the victim, but the factual basis of terrorism has been either hidden or twisted in the public's perception of this policy problem, especially in congressional hearings on terrorism. The countries with the worst terrorist records in the world are not in the Middle East either. They are not even Muslim countries outside the Middle East. They are Columbia and Germany, havens for drug lords and neo-Nazis."