Editorial: Seeming Lack of Religious Tolerance in Central Illinois

July 11, 2003

Source: The Daily Journal


On July 11, 2003 The Daily Journal printed an editorial by Phil Angelo stating that "there is nothing so American as respecting the beliefs of others and allowing them the freedom to practice those beliefs. Sadly, twice in recent weeks, religious intolerance has come to the forefront... In early June, the Kankakee County Board [IL] voted 15-8 against granting a special use permit for a proposed Muslim girls' boarding school. The school would have housed 50 girls on Route 50 next to the Vulcan Materials Quarry... Down in Hoopeston [IL], Wiccans acquired the old city hall and planned to transform it into a school. They did not need any zoning approval, but 100 residents showed up to protest at a recent village meeting... The view from here is that both religions, even though they are vastly different from each other, deserve the right to set up their schools. We are a richer community for being diverse."