Editorial: Ramadan for the Single Woman

November 2, 2003

Source: Pioneer Press


On November 2, 2003 Asma Gull Hasan reported in an editorial in the Pioneer Press that "if I were married, as I should have been 10 years ago under Pakistani cultural standards, I would not be fasting alone. And this Ramadan, like me, many Gen-X Muslim women will also be fasting alone. According to statistics compiled by the Islamic Society of North America, American Muslim women in their 20s and 30s outnumber Muslim men in the same age group two to one... Ramadan single is perhaps, in a way, reaching a truer meaning of Ramadan. Although families observe Ramadan as a unit, Ramadan is actually not meant to be fun. Ramadan alone is more suffering than Ramadan together. It can make you more sympathetic to the plight of those who are hungry, helpless, and alone. For those who fast the full 30 days with sincerity, great rewards are promised. Hopefully, for my female readers, a mate will be one of them."