Editorial Praises Rabbi's Suggestion for Ground Zero that Focuses on Religious Freedom

June 8, 2002

Source: Omaha World-Herald

On June 8, 2002 the Omaha World-Herald featured an editorial that supports "an American rabbi, Daniel S. Brenner's... fascinating suggestion for what should be done with the World Trade Center site... Build a mosque there, he says. And put in a synagogue and a church as well. Or erect an inter-religious center where believers of diverse backgrounds can come together to discuss and honor their different gods in an atmosphere of mutual respect... The point, he says, is to show the world that America's religious tolerance remains among its most cherished values. We should make clear to friends and detractors alike, he urges, that our dedication to first principles, including respect for individual religious conscience, is unshakable, no matter how terrorists try to undermine our confidence and divide us from one another."