Editorial: Hollywood is Ready for India, but is India Ready for Hollywood?

November 12, 2003

Source: Pacific News Service


On November 12, 2003 Pacific News Service published an editorial by Sandip Roy on the appearance of an Indian girl in the Hollywood film "The Matrix Revolutions." Roy writes that "the Bollywoodization of American popular culture has long been underway. There have been misfires, like those images of Hindu gods on footwear and toilet seats. But evidence has been piling up. Deepak Chopra has long been managing the spiritual fortunes of Hollywood's golden people. Britney Spears' new album has a Bhangra remix of one of her singles. Images from old Indian matchbooks and posters now retail as birthday cards. T-shirts say San Francisco in Hindi script. The vinyl seat-covers of Indian rickshaws are turning into tote bags for Manhattan's chic... The question is, are we ready?"